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If you perform IR micro-spectroscopy you will want to use our patented low-e microscope slides as a primary sample preparation technique. No more polishing plates or cleaning crystals. Simple, fast and inexpensive MirrIR slides can be used with solids, liquids, and biological materials.

Studying food pathogens with MirrIR slides
MirrIR slides are being used by Ken Puzey of QuantaSpec, Inc. to study food-bourne pathogens. In this video he explains how, by using IR spectroscopy and MirrIR slides, he is able to quickly identify the various bateria that cause 70 million Americans to get sick and kill 5200 Americans each year.



MirrIR goes to PITTCON2011
At PITTCON2011, MirrIR slides were used in research for several of the papers presented. Kevley looks forward to even more in the future. See the Application Section for more detailed descriptions of what some of those researchers have done, particularly, the imaging example.


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